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Interstellar Ozobot -- Episode 3

lost out here in the stars

Ozobot searches for direction in an alternative universe. His new found self-awareness is about to be overwhelmed by the immensity of his isolation. Does Moby Dick have the answer?

Piperoids Playhouse

The Piperoids (created by by Takashi Tsunoda) have moved into their new playhouse, and they are loving it! Linda has assembled a photo collage to share with family and friends.


Seasons of Ozobot

Ozobot experiences the four seasons in the MoMA Play Town and Sculpture Garden accompanied by Vivaldi's violin concertos performed with electronic tonalities.


a Valentines Day movie date at the local drive-in

Happy Valentines Day from Robot Drive-In Movies.


Keeping Time with Stick

A new episode of Keeping Time with Stick features his response to a letter from the first Internet Coke Machine at Carnegie Mellon University, which is now lost and searching to find itself on the Internet of Things. Does Stick know where to look?



Robot News Digest for CES 2015

Our on-going newsreel feature for Robot Drive-In Movies.

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