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The Robots Are Coming!

Columbia Pictures, Sony, and Walt Disney are serving up a robot movie early next year to help usher in the next dramatic influx of robotics into our world. The movie is called Chappie, the story of the first robot engineered with the ability to think and feel for himself. The film follows his progress from childhood to maturity. Chappie is designed to be a most endearing robot. He will also dramatize for us a progression in artificial intelligence that is already underway.

Having long ago become a pervasive presence in industrial manufacturing, robotics is beginning to play a comparable role in medicine. Meanwhile, Google cars are driving past your house, and Amazon robots are shipping your holiday gifts. Military applications are racing forward at the same time that smart robot toys are springing up everywhere. The robots are coming, and soon they will be the kind that co-habit the places where we work and play. Rise, Robots, Rise!!

And come see us at the Robot Drive-In Movies!!!

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